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19 Work Perks: Invest in Culture Without Killing Your Bottom Line

Patrick Ball on November 04, 2014 11:25 AM

Stressed? Cisco will give you a massage on site. Need to get somewhere? Southwest will fly you for free. Or how about a quick game of bocce? Google's got a court.

Everyone loves office perks, but do they actually have business benefits? 

Companies invest in office extras because they want to keep their employees motivated and happy at work. A 2013 Gallup survey found that 70 percent of the workforce is disengaged on the job. When employees become disillusioned, they tend to start looking for new work.

And that can be expensive for businesses -- it takes time and resources to find the right people and then get them up to speed. Hiring the wrong person can be devastating, especially for small businesses, and for all companies, picking the wrong person means no ROI.

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2013 Glassdoor survey found that a quarter of the workforce values office perks. For companies that want to retain the top talent and demonstrate to their employees that they are important, investing in office perks can significantly benefit the bottom line.

To help you maintain the staff that you want and that best helps your business perform, here are some examples of real businesses that use perks to create positive company culture.

Real Life Perks

  1. Hello Innovation gets employees moving with in-office yoga and Zumba classes. Our employees love a little fun and fitness in their work day, and the Zumba music fits right in at our high energy office, says marketing manager Rilee Chastain.
  2. The AEGIS FinServ Corp has a quiet room for naps or away-time.
  3. does regular coffee runs for staff and hosts team dinner parties and summer BBQs. Co-founder David Daneshgar adds that as a flower business during Valentines Day, they provide full meals and a masseuse on site to keep employees going through the bouquet boom.  
  4. LexION Capital Management likes to surprise employees with lunchtime field-trips. Shaking up the typical office routine leads to a more creative, energized, and positive work environment, says Elle Kaplan, the companys CEO.
  5. Royce Leather celebrates all birthdays. From our temporary workers to our Board of Directors, your birthday is the one day a year where you should feel appreciated, says CEO Andrew Royce Bauer. Every time we throw a small birthday party at the office, we know we are building morale one person at a time.

Low Cost Perks

Not all office extras have to be elaborate expensive or even unique. Heres a list of easy, low-cost perks that you can provide at your company:

  • Casual Fridays
  • Snacks
  • Company fun nights (like bowling or kickball)
  • Dogs allowed policy
  • Flexible hours/telecommuting
  • Company softball team
  • Maternity/paternity leave
  • Office game table and machines
  • Free drinks
  • Happy hours for certain holidays
  • Summer Fridays
  • On-site services such as dry cleaning pick up and shoe shine
  • Free bagels one day a week
  • Gift cards to reward a certain big project

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Your employees are the heart and soul of your business. Make sure that they know they are important to you and the mission of your organization. Investing in the little things can make a world of difference in boosting morale and creating the company culture that you want.