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30 Companies with Great Paternity Leave

Elizabeth Trompeter on July 27, 2016 05:22 PM

Millennials are demanding more benefits that previously offered and now they are having kids, which means paid parental leave is incredibly important to them right now.

In recent years, competitive companies have needed to offer better benefits to their potential employees, and that includes longer maternity leave for new moms and paternity leave for new dads.

After seeing Silicon Valley get all kinds of attention for maternity leave policies designed to attract and retain top female talent, forward-thinking companies began offering paternity leave – a week or two at first, and then the leaves grew longer.

When we introduced this list in 2014, companies with just two weeks of paternity leave made the cut. Now, we're seeing the next evolution in parental leave as a number of the companies on our list have introduced generous gender-neutral leave plans.

The increase in paternity leave is a clear sign that organizations across all industries are recognizing that supporting new moms and dads in the transition to parenthood is important to ensure the success of the family and their employers.

With that in mind, here are 30 companies with some of the best paternity leave policies.

  1. Netflix: 52 weeks
  2. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: 52 weeks
  3. Etsy: 26 weeks
  4. Spotify: 26 weeks
  5. Twitter: 20 weeks
  6. 18 weeks
  7. Facebook: 17 weeks
  8. Reddit: 17 weeks
  9. EY:16 weeks
  10. Adobe: 16 weeks
  11. DLA Paper: 16 weeks
  12. Bank of America: 16 weeks
  13. Ebay: 12 weeks
  14. Microsoft: 12 weeks
  15. Hewlett-Packard: 12 weeks
  16. Johnson & Johnson: 9 weeks
  17. Yahoo: 8 weeks
  18. Paypal: 8 weeks
  19. Nike: 8 weeks
  20. Patagonia: 8 weeks
  21. Airbnb: 8 weeks
  22. Accenture: 8 weeks
  23. Intuit: 8 weeks
  24. Intel: 8 weeks
  25. Zillow: 8 weeks
  26. Bain & Company: 8 weeks
  27. Google:7 weeks
  28. Apple: 6 weeks
  29. Amazon: 6 weeks
  30. Coca-Cola: 6 weeks

Here at, we offer 6 weeks of paternity leave for new dads and extend care@work benefits to all of our employees.  


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