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How You Can Help New Parent Employees Transition Back to Work

Patrick Ball on October 30, 2014 11:23 AM

For many working families, the excitement of having a baby goes hand-in-hand with apprehension about achieving work-life balance once their child arrives. 

In fact, nearly half of new moms don't return to work within the first three months after the birth of their child, and one in five will quit their jobs around the time their baby is born

But awareness around work-life issues is high. And leading employers are proving that supporting working families -- through things like paid leave, care assistance benefits programs and flex work -- can be  good for business. 

By getting ahead of some of the anxiety and having the right programs in place, companies can help new parents make a smoother transition back to work post-baby.

There are many ways companies can help expectant and new parents with their transition back to work after their little one arrives. Such as: 

  • Planning ahead
  • Paid parental leave
  • Encouraing employees to take their leave
  • Child care assistance benefits 
  • Flex work options 
  • Establishing a corporate culture of permission

Learn more about why new moms are opting out of the workforce and how employers can improve retention and engagment of working families during the transition to parenthod by downloading's free ebook on Supporting New Parents at Work.   

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