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Must Reads from 2017: Care Benefits, Consumerism and Sallie Krawcheck 

Patrick Ball on December 12, 2017 05:11 PM

It's that time of year again ... time for end of the year blog posts that list out all of the year's most popular blog posts. What's interesting about these lists is they provide insight into what kind of content matters to HR and business leaders, like you.

One recurring theme this year was our readers were really interested in how companies are implementing care benefits to drive productivity and improve gender diversity. Another popular topic was senior care, including a piece of datajournalism that looks at which cities have surging demand for in-home elder care. 

Read on to see our Top 10 blog posts from 2017. And have a Happy New Year! 

  1. 10 Companies Making Care Benefits Work
    If you’ve ever thought providing family care benefits for your employees is easier said than done, then do we have a list for you. From Facebook’s generous paid leave policies to Quicken Loans covering fertility treatments, we explore family care benefit options at 10 top companies. Learn more here.

  2. How Akamai Made Backup Care a Building Block for Diversity
    When Akamai Founder and CEO Tim Leighton visited several of his company’s offices in 2014, a clear trend emerged: the organization needed more employer-provided child care solutions in order to improve gender diversity and stay in line with industry competitors. The Cambridge-based tech company turned to Care@Work to be a part of the solution. This is their story … adapted from the International Finance Corporation and World Bank Group’s Tackling Childcare report on the business case for employer-supported child care benefits.

  3. Employee Stories: Facing Fatherhood and the Challenge of Finding Care
    Ben Robinson had stood in front of many rooms filled with executives, promising that his suite of care benefits would decrease absenteeism and improve the productivity of their workforce. And then, Ben’s wife told him they were pregnant, and he got to experience it himself. Today, Ben Robinson isn’t just Care@Work’s VP of Sales … he’s also a client.  

  4. 30 Cities Where Employees Need Senior Care Benefits Right Now
    As the global population grays, demand for employer-provided senior care benefits is surging., the world’s largest online destination for finding and managing family care needs, crunched the numbers to see which U.S. cities are experiencing the most rapid growth in in-home senior care jobs. Did you city make the list?

  5. 7 Ways Consumerism is Changing the Workplace
    We’re all about that choice, ‘bout that choice. For employees. Technology has transformed the way we consume information, goods and services – first in our home lives and now in the workplace. The consumerization of HR is transforming the way we work and the way benefits are delivered.

  6. Retention by Generation: What Matters Most
    Chances are, your workforce spans anywhere from three to five generations – from Gen Z all the way to Traditionalists. And many employers are searching for the secret formula for attracting and retaining talent from each generation. What really makes employees stick around?  

  7. Whole Family Care Is Here – Is Your Organization Ready?
    Back in May, we covered the rising concept of “whole-family care,” which is an HR-driven response to a “perfect storm” of demographic and social pressures that are impacting employees, organizational success and larger economies. As the population ages and Millennials enter parenthood, enterprises have a vested interest in integrated programs that help employees manage their family responsibilities while excelling in their careers. This is why forward-thinking employers are investing in whole-family care benefits.

  8. Top 20 HR Groups to Join on LinkedIn
    Who doesn’t love the feeling of belonging to something? That’s what we were thinking earlier this year when we assembled a comprehensive list of the top groups across HR functions. Check ‘em out and join one today.

  9. Does Your Company Need Family Care Benefits
    That’s a trick question. The answer is yes. Don’t believe us? Check out the decision tree we made.

  10. What the Top 20 Best Places to Work Provide for Millennial Benefits
    Now that they’re the largest workforce demographic – at some 53 million strong and growing – Millennials’ impact on companies and corporate cultures is undeniable. As their size and influence has grown, the question about Millennials has evolved from “How do we get through to these kids?”
    to “How do we become a place Millennials want to work?” Well, here’s how.

BONUS: The Flexibility Without Shame Conversation
“Allowing flexibility without shame isn’t just good business, it’s the future. … We need to bring forward a conversation in the workplace about how flexibility without shame is good for all of us: for our companies, our shareholders, our work colleagues, our families, ourselves.” – That’s from the excerpt we published earlier this year from Own It: The Power of Women at Work, a new book by Sallie Krawcheck, the co-founder and CEO of Ellevest and one of the highest ranked women ever on Wall Street. Read the excerpt here.

What do you want to see on the Care@Work blog in 2018? Share your ideas in the comments below! 

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