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Introducing Care@Work - A New Approach to Employee Benefits

Michael Marty on February 24, 2016 05:30 AM

Care@Work is a new kind of employee benefits

Gone are the 9-to-5 days when dad punched the clock, dropped his briefcase at the door and mom had dinner ready on the table.

Technology has changed the way the business world operates, paving the way for globalization, remote workforces and work-life integration. At the same time, family dynamics and our lives outside of work have evolved significantly, as Millennials start families and members of the Sandwich Generation navigate complex family needs.

We know this better than anyone. At, our mission has been to build a digital marketplace where families can find and manage care for their loved ones and caregivers can find work through state-of-the-art technology.

In 2010, we launched Workplace Solutions to give corporate clients a technology-based option for supporting their employees with family care benefits. 

From the start, technology and mobility were an essential part of our mission and vision for a new approach to family care benefits. To support our modern workforce, it is not enough to simply provide solutions at work. We need to move beyond the brick-and-mortar model that works fine when you work 9-to-5, live near your office and never have sick kids or parents. To make a meaningful difference in the lives of employees, prevent absenteeism and productivity loss, we needed a solution that works the way employees do.

Our focus is to enable employees to access and manage family care benefits whenever needs arise and allow enterprises to provide scalable solutions that meet the unique needs of their workforce.

We understand that this isn’t your father’s workplace, so these aren’t your father’s benefits. They're benefits for your father, your son, your dog or your apartment.

For this reason, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Care@Work mobile app, which will serve as the cornerstone of our workplace business and primary portal to our clients’ employer-provided family care benefits. 

As we evolve our services, we realized our brand should mirror our values of balancing work and care. We had some growing up to do – that’s why we are also excited to announce that we are changing our name to Care@Work and retiring Workplace Solutions.

What Is Care@Work?

So how did we decide on Care@Work as our new name? It started with the app.

Our Better Benefits Survey revealed 40 percent of employees would be more inclined to use their benefits if they were accessible through mobile. The percentage was even higher among younger employees – 64 percent of Millennials wanted mobile access.

So our teams went to work building an app that would address the needs of working caregivers, whenever and wherever care needs arise, 24/7. To that end, app features include:

  • On-demand search functionality and direct access to a network of specialists for assistance in finding short-term and/or ongoing care for children, pets, adults or your home 
  • Seamless integration with the existing mobile app, providing employees with’s best-in-class consumer technology platform to handle their own scheduling and video interviews, and eventually book and pay caregivers from pet sitters and babysitters, to tutors and housekeepers
  • Review child and adult backup care program details, including the number of days available, co-pays and employer-sponsored subsidies for in-center/in-home care
  • Book in-home and/or center-based backup care for children either directly through the app or with the click-to-call function to connect with the Care@Work backup care team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Receive notifications and review care reservations

Check out the app: 

Check out the Care@Work app on Google Play   Check out the Care@Work app in the App Store

What's in a Name?

When it came time to select a name, we wanted to be sure the name represents what the app – and our approach to family care benefits – makes possible for organizations and their employees. We got to thinking about what our name says about us and how far we had come from the Workplace Solutions era.  

Care@Work just fit.

It’s about balance – not just work-life balance but work-care balance. It represents a modern way of delivering employer-provided family care benefits that aren’t tied to the workplace. And, finally, it’s about working to help world-class employers support their people, their brands and their bottom lines through world-class family care benefits.

True to our origins, Care@Work is committed to being there for you. For our corporate clients, what does that mean? We’re there for:

Your People

Sick kids. An emergency vet appointment. A parent’s sudden health scare. Life isn’t on a 9-to-5 schedule, and your family care benefits shouldn’t be either. 

As the world’s largest digital platform for care, we know families – and we know their care needs come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we provide flexible, custom packages featuring high-touch services and state-of-the art tools to help your employees solve the most complex family issues – at any stage of their lives.

Care@Work gives employees the flexibility to access and manage all their family care benefits through the app or desktop experience, 24/7, from wherever they are when their care needs arise. They can search, book and pay for local caregivers; find backup care in a pinch; set up senior care and connect with specialists who can help plan and find care. We’re there to help your employees find the care they need, reducing the friction in their lives so they can be present, productive and engaged in their jobs. 

Your Brand

From high tech to higher ed, competition for top talent is fierce across all industries. We hear all the time from clients how important employee benefits -- and family care benefits in particular -- are to their employer brand ... and their ability to recruit and retain high-quality employees.

Lists of great places to work are filled with companies that understand their employees’ family lives don’t stop at the office door. In fact, five of the top eight companies in Glassdoor’s 2016 “Employees Choice Awards” work with to provide family care benefits for their employees.

An on-site child care center at HQ sounds great. And it is great … for the 100 or so employees at HQ who are able to take advantage of this very specific perk. But with Care@Work, you’re able to do more than check off a box. This is a true benefit that’s customizeable, so it meets complex employee needs and scales for organizations of all sizes and compositions.

Because Care@Work is a technology-driven solution, you’re able to demonstrate that you value every employee by providing the same high-quality family care benefits to the execs at HQ, your smallest satellite office and individual contributors distributed across the globe. Through Care@Work, you’re able to address benefits equality across your entire workforce.

Your Bottom Line  

Your employees care needs may be unpredictable, but the impact to your business is not. When employees are distracted by important work-life issues, it affects their attendance, focus, productivity … and your bottom line.

The numbers don’t lie. In 70 percent of households with children, all parents work. More than 60 million Americans are providing informal care for adults and seniors with limitations. Half of adults in their 40s and 50s are in what we call the “Sandwich Generation,” meaning they’re providing some care support to their children and their parents. Most of these family caregivers are also working full-time, and many have to make career adjustments.

According to our own research, 90 percent of employees have left work for family reasons. Nearly 70 percent of parents say child care has influenced their career decisions. And industry data estimates 70 percent of senior caregivers are forced to make career adjustments.

All of the absenteeism, distractions and reduced hours add up. American businesses lost more than $30 billion annually to lost productivity costs due to family care-related issues.

That’s why companies that care win. They’re addressing employee needs with family care benefits that cut absenteeism, attract and retain the best employees, and drive performance by eliminating distractions.

Find out how Care@Work can help your company: