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The Hollywood Perk Your Workplace Totally Needs 

Patrick Ball on January 16, 2018 10:23 AM

Sundance Film Festival is a premier showcase of independent storytelling in film, but it's the film makers’ dependents who are already the darlings of festival season.

That’s right, their kids. Because: child care.

A year after ripping Cannes Film Festival for its lack of child care, inclusive parenting support group Moms-in-Film is reportedly setting up a playhouse to provide free child care services throughout the festival, which runs from Jan. 18 to 28.

Moms-in-Film organizers said festivals like Sundance represent huge opportunities, which could be compromised by lack of child care. “You’re town between wanting to see films and network and find a distributor and staying home with your kids,” Moms-in-Film co-founder Mathilde Dratwa told the Hollywood Reporter. “Not everyone can afford to fly in a nanny to Park City.”

You don’t have to be in the entertainment industry to appreciate that business challenge is a real headache for working parents with young kids. From Hollywood to Wall Street, Silicon Valley to America’s Heartland, balancing care and work is a challenge anyone can relate to.

The Sundance playhouse will be set up in the Park City Community Church and staffed by five paid caregivers, who will rotate with at least two on the clock at all times. “Along with a book nook, nap spaces, a wellness groom and a wardrobe of costumes, there will be a miniature red carpet area so tykes can practice their step-and-repeat,” reports THR.

Sounds pretty sweet.

The pop-up playhouse at Sundance is an example of the type of temporary solution on which Care@Work collaborates with clients to create under our Event Care benefit

Here are five other examples of when Event Care would make sense for your workplace.

  1. Hosting Conferences or Special Events
    It’s not just film festivals. Any type of conference where you’d would have to travel or lose out on professional development opportunities is a challenge for working parents and caregivers. That’s why event organizers like the Aspen Institute and others have been exploring on-site Event Care options. It doesn’t have to be a days-long conference, either. Evening networking events or workshop classes are other occasions when event care would be greatly appreciated. 

  1. When Extreme Weather Hits Your Area
    Hurricane season hit the Gulf Cost hard in 2017. Here in Boston, we’ve had some of our wickedest winters in recent years. When extreme weather hits your area, employee productivity can take a hit as well. In these cases and others, we’ve seen firsthand how pop-up employer-provided child care solution can help employees get back to work even as local day care centers may be slower to re-open following extreme weather events.

  2. Company Outings, Holiday Parties and School Reunions
    Planning a picnic for your company’s summer outing? Bringing in child care providers, some toys and yard games is a great way to make your company outing family-friendly without having to be too family-friendly. The same applies to school reunions, when alumni are coming in from out of town. Offering event care for a evening holiday party will let your employees have a night on the town without worrying about who’s minding the kids. Now that’s a gift.   

  1. School Holidays
    How many days throughout the year is your office a relative ghost town as employees use floating holidays, work from home or call in “sick” because their kids’ schools are closed but your office isn’t? Not counting summer, there are a dozen days or more each year – from Presidents’ to professional development days – when you can count on this occurring. Providing a child care option will cut down on the number of empty desks on days like these.

  1. Overtime Time
    Got squads in a mad sprint or CPAs working weekends during tax season? Providing pop-up child care in the office can seriously soften the blow of working on the weekend.

Want to learn more about how Event Care could make a difference for your employees? Request Event Care today.  

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