Fight or Flight:

How to win the Millennial talent wars
by being an ally in work-life integration. 


Millennials are disrupting the workplace. They’re fighting for benefits that
meet their needs. Benefits that enable career growth, empower women,
support modern families, and encourage work-life integration. Benefits
they’ll actually use.

Millennials are counting on their employers for support because of the overarching systemic issues that have made excelling at work incompatible with having a fulfilling family life outside of it. If companies don't invest in benefits Millennials actually want, they risk attrition—a huge cost to innovation, growth, and the bottom line. Millennials don’t want to—and shouldn’t have to—choose between their careers and their families.


Download this report to learn:

  • How to innovate around paid family leave 
  • How to make childcare more accessible and affordable
  • How to build a supportive community for Millennial parents

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