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33 Equal Parts Podcast Episodes that Defined 2020 for Working Parents

Kristen Sills on December 18, 2020 03:57 PM

When we launched the Equal Parts podcast more than a year ago, our mission was to help working parents balance it all while caring for all they love – including themselves.

This mission has been reinforced – and reaffirmed – by the absolute doozy of year we all just lived through. Behind the scenes, we sometimes laugh about the tagline that opens every episode: Being a working parent is HARD! (our host, Emily Paisner, says it with such gusto!). But now, this simple refrain has become the unofficial motto of 2020. We all feel it. Every day. Profoundly. Put it on a t-shirt.

We are humbled by the brilliant people we’ve talked to on the podcast this year: professors, authors, leaders, and working parents. They all lend their expertise and advice on parenting, personal growth, and how to navigate work and life like a boss.

You can listen and subscribe to Equal Parts here, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your pod on. Below, we’ve grouped this year’s 33 amazing episodes by the ten topics we think encapsulate life in 2020 for working parents. Have a listen…

Pandemic parenting support

Parents: your patience (and sanity) has been officially tested this year. Between taking care of the kids, playing teacher, and taking Zoom calls in your PJ bottoms, school, work, and life are all happening under one roof. Let these experts help you win at parenting during a pandemic.

Teaching kids to be kinder humans

Empathy, kindness, and gratitude are the building blocks of character. It all starts at home. Instill moral and social values into your kids at a young age, and be consistent with modeling the right behaviors. These guests teach you how.  

Building children’s strength and resilience

Lockdowns and quarantines have kept us far apart from friends, colleagues, and extended family. But households are more close-knit than ever. Use it as an opportunity to partner with your kids to help them solve problems, learn from failure and frustration, and discover their voice.  

Taking care of #1

Your mental and physical health affect all aspects of work/life: how you relate and connect to others, how you lead teams, how you parent. Get practical advice on how to de-stress, practice mindfulness, and take good care of your body, mind, and spirit.

Working moms absorbing the shock of our caregiving crisis

The pandemic has exposed America’s broken care infrastructure, and women are picking up the caregiving slack. Sadly, it’s a big reason why one in four women are now considering "downshifting" their careers or leaving the workforce. Learn what life is like for working moms right now, and what employers can do to support them.  

Confronting racism in America

We’ve all watched and read in sadness and anger as Black people in the United States have been senselessly killed. How do we talk to our kids about racial injustice? Get guidance on how to have important – often difficult – conversations with children of all ages about race, racism, and Black Lives Matter protests that are empathetic, constructive, and compassionate.

Health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic

In so many ways, COVID-19 has turned our world upside down and created new risks in our lives. Armed with facts, science, and data, we can make informed decisions to protect ourselves and our families. These guests share the evidence-based information you need to know.

Managing kids’ screentime and technology use

Kids (and adults!) are relying heavily on screens and devices this year to learn, work, play, and connect. But what’s the impact on our kids? Is all this extra screentime doing more harm than good? What are the rules of the digital road? Here’s your roadmap.

Navigating the digital classroom

Working parents added a “fun” new job title to their resume: homeschool teacher. As you know by now, the job ain’t easy! Get practical tips and advice on how to set your kids up for at-home learning success, no matter their age, grade, or academic ability.

Talking politics and understanding policy

The political landscape this year was, um, bonkers. New COVID-19 legislation added some relief (but also confusion) to the year. Learn how to talk to kids about politics, partisanship, and elections – in language they will understand. And understand what two important laws – the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the CARES Act – mean for families and their caregivers.  

Practical parenting advice

Parenting comes with a lot of questions. For example: What does your pre-teen need during the tumultuous middle school years? How much sleep do babies really need? How do you work up the nerve to start a dialogue with your own parents about money? These pros help you find some answers. 

Our guests have inspired and uplifted us during this difficult year. We hope they made work/life a little bit brighter for you, too. Here’s looking ahead to 2021!

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Kristen Sills

Kristen is the head producer of the Equal Parts podcast by Care@Work by She has consulted as a marketer with C Space, a global customer agency, and Interbrand, a leading brand consultancy, and works as content producer on the popular business podcast, Outside In. Kristen is a writer whose work has appeared in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes, Ad Age, and Adweek. When she’s not podcast producing and writing, she enjoys spending time with her family at their summer home in Little Diamond Island, Maine, and walking her cat, Prudence (yes, you read that right!).