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7 Reasons Family Care Benefits Can Help this Holiday Season

Emily Paisner on November 12, 2020 01:05 PM

During a typical year, more than half of families find the holiday season stressful. But this year is far from normal. Due to the pandemic, families will likely feel even more stress than usual as they are forced to re-think holiday plans, question if they can gather with loved ones, work long hours, manage school schedules and child care, all while trying to “pull off” their holiday traditions. If your employees are parents or caring for an aging loved one, a pet, or are just really busy, then they’re likely already feeling the pressure of the season.

Here are 7 reasons why family care benefits can help to make this holiday season a little brighter and a lot less stressful for employees and their families:
  1. Because school or day care is closed…again.
    Schools and day cares have had to close at a moment’s notice due to pandemic safety measures, positive COVID-19 cases, and, of course, for planned holidays. Parents are scrambling to line up care for their kids so that they can go to work. This is where child Backup Care can help. Backup Care benefits allow parents to get a vetted, qualified child care provider to come to their home, or they can send their child(ren) to an in-network day care center – the choice is theirs.
  2. Because two hands aren’t enough right now.
    Despite the added stress of the holiday season, most families don’t hire additional help to make things easier. Not even during the holiday gap week, when parents are working while their kids are out of school. However, nearly half (48%) say they wish they had an extra set of hands for the holidays.

    By having a Premium Membership, employees can hire a housekeeper, errand runner, or babysitter during this hectic time of year.
  3. Because mom or dad needs some extra help.
    It’s hard caring for an aging loved one. And during the pandemic, most people haven’t been able to see their older relatives as much as they would like. Whether a parent lives close by or across the country, employees can hire someone to help them run errands, take them to doctor appointments, provide assistance around the house, and more. Adult Backup Care allows employees to have a vetted, qualified adult caregiver go to the home of their loved one. And, employees can use this benefit for themselves or their partners if they need help after a procedure, driving to appointments, etc.
  4. Because care is expensive.
    According to’s Cost of Care Survey, child care has become less affordable for families in 2020. Of parents surveyed, 72% say they spend 10% or more of their household income on child care. This can cause additional financial strain on employees. Because of this, some employers help to subsidize the cost of care by providing Care Credits for care found – and payed for – on They also provide tuition discounts at participating child care centers across the country.

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  1. Because a child needs extra help with that one subject.
    With distance learning and constantly changing schedules, this pandemic has been incredibly hard on so many kids (and their families). The lack of consistency and in-person interactions with their teachers has made learning a genuine challenge this year. If a child needs some extra help with schoolwork, a parent can find them a tutor on Tutors can work with children online or in-person – whichever is preferred.
  1. Because the dog can’t walk himself.
    Pets are family, too! But with so much up in the air this year, there’s a chance employees need help ensuring that their four-legged family members get the care, exercise, and attention they need. Inconsistent schedules mean people might need to find a dog walker who can be flexible. Last-minute holiday plans means pet sitter they can trust. With premium access to, employees can find the pet care they need, anytime they need it. Some employers even provide Pet Backup Care!
  1. Because they need to work.
    This year, many people have struggled to work while caring for their families. Due to the pandemic, an astounding 73% of working parents said that they may have to make changes at work like leaving the workforce entirely. This has caused unprecedented stress for many. By providing family care benefits, employers can support their employees as they continue to navigate this challenging time.

Emily Paisner

Emily Paisner joined in 2018 as the Director of Marketing for Care@Work, the B2B side of the business. In this role, Emily is leading the marketing strategy to build the brand and drive both growth and utilization. With over 20 years of experience, she has implemented innovative marketing strategies, programs and initiatives with proven business results. Prior to Care@Work, Emily led the Global Marketing team for Customer Agency, C Space, resulting in significant business growth. She is also proud of hosting the Equal Parts podcast, a podcast for working parents who are trying to balance it all while caring for the people they love — including themselves. Emily is a proud working mom and spends time out of the office trying to keep up with her two (very active) children.