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Care@Work / Care@Work Blog / Paid Leave, Care Benefits and Gilmore Girls: Our 16 Top Posts from 2016

Paid Leave, Care Benefits and Gilmore Girls: Our 16 Top Posts from 2016

Patrick Ball on December 19, 2016 04:40 PM

Y'all must really like reading about paid leave.  

Momentum around paid leave, the cost of child care and other family matters built steadily throughout most of 2016. You could see it in the proposals from major party presidential candidates … and you could see it in our traffic here on the Care@Work blog.

Of our 16 most popular posts published in 2016, half have headlines quite obviously addressing paid parental leave and/or affordable child care – benefits working parents needed desperately in 2016. 

Other hot topics included equal pay, gender diversity, the business case behind investing in care benefits and the Gilmore Girls. Yes, the Gilmore Girls. Specifically, why the show’s binge-worthy Netflix revival should have you thinking about family-care benefits.

Without further ado, we give you the Care@Work blog’s 16 top post from 2016.

  1. 50 Companies with Great Maternity Leave
    This post is a reboot of our all-time most widely read post about – you guessed it – companies with great maternity leave. For the purposes of this list, we defined great as offering a minimum of 12 weeks paid. Advances in maternity leave and new policies are popping up so fast, it’s remarkable to see how much changed from the first iteration to our now-slightly dated 2016 version. Check it out to see where your company stacks up.

  2. Child Care’s Super Expensive. Is Help On the Way?
    Jump in the Way Back Machine, as in way back before Election 2016 and even before candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had released their proposals for making child care more affordable for families. This post is from mid-summer, and it looks at the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit – a dated program that hasn’t been updated in 15 years. “To put it in perspective, 2001 was the year that Apple released its first line of iPods,” the author wrote. “That’s iPod, with an ‘o.’” Read for yourself.

  3. 30 Companies with Great Paternity Leave
    Another post that we revised from an older version. When we introduced this list in 2014, companies with just two weeks of paternity leave made the cut. Now, we're seeing the next evolution. The increase in paternity leave is a clear sign that organizations across all industries are recognizing that supporting new moms and dads in the transition to parenthood is important to ensure the success of the family and their employers. Read on.

  4. Why Hawaii’s Long-Term Care Proposal Matters to Everyone
    America is quickly becoming the Home of the Grey. Every eight seconds, someone here turns 65. As more people live longer, we need to develop a long-term plan for their long-term care. Hawaii is leading the country in innovative solutions to this large public problem, and this post provides a detailed look into the proposal that’s in state legislature. Learn more.

  5. 5 Parental Leave Trends You Need to Know About
    You already know about the so-called “arms race” in which companies are upping the ante on parental leave plans and other family-friendly benefits in an effort to recruit and retain today’s top talent.But what about the newest trends? From crowdfunding maternity leave to placing a premium on post-leave support, we covered some of the hottest parental leave trends of 2016. Get caught up.

  6. For Working Moms, Obstacles to Equal Pay Remain
    In time for Equal Pay Day last April, our Director of Public Policy Avra Siegel penned this piece about reasons working moms are often hit even harder by the gender wage gap. The three main obstacles they face in the fight for equal pay: widespread bias, outdated policies and, of course, care. Find out why she says the only choice now is how to move forward in a way that empowers women and drives our economy.

  7. Introducing Care@Work – A New Approach to Employee Benefits
    With this post, we announced a major milestone – the rebranding as Care@Work and retirement of our old name, Workplace Solutions. As our GM stated at the time: “To support our modern workforce, it is not enough to simply provide solutions at work. … To make a meaningful difference in the lives of employees, prevent absenteeism and productivity loss, we need a solution that works the way employees do.” Find out how Care@Work can power your workforce.

  8. Should Parents Be Allowed to Bring Kids to the Office?
    The retirement of Chicago White Sox first baseman Adam LaRoche this spring sparked a fair amount of debate, with valid points on both sides of the argument. What we can all agree on, though, is that when employers can help families manage their care needs, it’s a win-win situation. Here’s our take.

  9. Why the Gilmore Girls Revival Should Have You Thinking About Family-Care Benefits
    Little bit of news-jacking here, we’ll cop to that. “Where you lead, I will follow…” It's a  Carole King lyric that’s become synonymous for a generation (of Millennials) with the “Gilmore Girls.”  But what does that have to do with benefits? We know the “leading edge” can be a scary place for HR pros, but family-care benefits aren't leading edge anymore. Not when 55 of Working Mother’s 100 Best Companies provide paid maternity leave and sick-child care, and five of the top eight companies in Glassdoor’s 2016 Employees Choice Awards work with Really though, you need family-care benefits like a Gilmore needs coffee.

  10. 5 Ways Companies That Care Will Win in 2016
    And so our very first post of the year found its way into our very last post of the year. This post covered some predictions about how expanding family-care benefits will help #CompaniesThatCare recruit and retain top talent, keep employees -- especially those pesky Millennials -- present and engaged and improve overall organizational health. Follow our logic.
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  11. On Solving America’s Paid Leave Problem
    This fall, Sheila Lirio Marcelo, the founder, chairwoman and CEO of, sat down with features editor Diana Ransom recently to discuss the role of business leaders in solving America’s paid leave problem and shining a light on care infrastructure issues affecting working families today. We wrote a few words about their conversation here.

  12. 5 Things You Need to Know About Dads at Work
    Right in time for Fathers Day, we worked with Scott Behson, PhD, professor of management at Fairleigh Dickinson University and author ofThe Working Dad’s Survival Guide on a survey to find out what today's dads want and need. These were our biggest takeaways from our Dads@Work survey.
  13. 6 Things Great Companies for Women Have in Common
    While looking perusing the Buy Up Index, whichranks companies and their brands and products based on the company’s commitment to gender equality, we noticed a few things emerged as must-haves for a company that wants to improve gender diversity and be an employer of choice for women. And then we wrote about six of them.

  1. 5 Family-Friendly Benefits to Consider When Onsite Child Care Isn’t an Option
    Family-friendly benefits are fast becoming tablestakes for employers looking to win the war on talent. Patagonia, andour partners at KCE, have proven in-house child care can be an appealing and effective option. But it isn’t the only solution. This post provides five alternative family-care benefit options to support today’s workforce.

  2. 7 Ways Back-to-School Disrupts Workplace Productivity
    From coordinating pickup and drop-off times that don’t jive with the workday to scrambling to secure after-school sitters, parents have a lot on their plate during back-to-school season. Like, a lot. And when you layer it on top of their responsibilities at work, these personal pressures often impact productivity. Find out why 51 percent of working parents say back-to-school season seriously impacts their workplace productivity.

  3. Seth Meyers’ 5 Best Lines on Paid Leave in the US
    This spring, we were able to add Late Night host Seth Meyers to the growing list of celebrities lending their voices to the paid leave cause. With lines like “The Family Medical Leave Act has more exceptions than a Groupon” and “Do you want someone who’s been up all night with a newborn driving your bus or performing your Lasic or hosting your talk show?” Meyers was an effective, if not obvious, advocate. Read his three other best lines here.