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So These are FORTUNE's Best Workplaces for Parents

Patrick Ball on December 13, 2016 04:31 PM

 This trend of celebrating family-friendly companies shows no sign of stopping.

For the first time ever, FORTUNE has compiled a list of its 50 Best Workplaces for Parents. Building off of the business mag’s highly anticipated Best Places to Work roundup, the parent-focused feature highlights companies across several industries that offer many of the benefits and perks we’ve come to consider must-haves in the arms race to attract and retain top talent.

Yes, we’re talking about flexible work, paid parental leave and child care benefits and inclusive cultures.

But what’s especially interesting about Fortune’s 50 Best Workplaces for Parents is that its composition challenges the misconception that these are gilded work perks from mythical places like Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

Sure, info tech and professional services made up most of the list, but companies from the manufacturing, health care and retail sectors were also represented. In terms of geography, listmakers rep San Antonio (Rackspace), Detroit (Quicken Loans), and St. Louis (Edward Jones), along with Raleigh, Boston and Deerfield Beach, Fla.

Among companies on the list, 16 offer onsite child care, and 10 offer some type of child care cost reimbursement for parents who have to travel or work late.

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Beyond paid parental leave and various forms of child care benefits, comments from employees of companies on the list reinforced that parents appreciate flexibility, support from their teams, the ability to work from home and being equipped with the tools to get work done even when they’re not in the office. Parents appreciated feeling as though their employer and co-workers cared about their families and lives outside of work. They placed a high value on inclusive cultures and managers who lead by example.

Here’s a quick peek at the Top 10 from Fortune’s list, which represents the professional service, finance, info tech, legal and telecoms industries. See the list in full here. 

  1. PricewaterhouseCoopers
  2. Edward Jones
  3.  Ultimate Software  
  4. VMware
  5. Alston & Bird
  6. Cooley
  7. Kimley-Horn
  8. Quicken Loans
  9. Comcast
  10. Deloitte

One last thing: Can we talk about how excited we are to see Fortune's list is inclusive of all parents not just working moms or even working dads? This is refreshingly in line with the way family and workplace dynamics have changed over the years, with more than two-thirds of moms being employed outside the home and dads becoming increasingly active at home. The work-life struggle is real, for all parents. And that speaks to the importance of ensuring your family-care benefits offer something to support all of your employees in their unique care needs. 

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