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10 HR Thought Leaders to Follow on LinkedIn and Twitter

Heidi Erdmann-Sullivan on June 08, 2017 02:30 PM

Daily access to the advice, expertise and inner thoughts of HR’s top practitioners, thought leaders and innovators.  What more could you ask for?  Luckily, LinkedIn and Twitter make it possible.

Here’s a list of ten men and women leading some of the most important conversations about our workplace today, including links to their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, so you can officially join in.  

1.  Josh Bersin: LinkedIn & Twitter
As Principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Josh Bersin’s research is considered gold standard by millions (including 60% of Fortune 500 companies) around the world. Bersin regularly shares key highlights from his firm's reports, studies and briefs each week on LinkedIn, as well as research and stats from other leading sources.  On Twitter,  he keeps followers in the top HR news know, including links to his most recent articles, like "Google Jobs: Disrupting the Recruiting Market?" Plus, he tweets the best snippets from the conferences and clients he’s visiting around the world, and exclusive invites to virtual events.

2.  Meghan Biro: LinkedIn & Twitter
Biro is the founder and CEO of TalentCulture and Founder of the #WorkTrends Community. She’s worked with hundreds of global brands helping them recruit top talent, and teaching them to maximize their employees’ potential.  A well-known speaker, writer and regular guest on radio shows and online forums, Biro hosts the lively #WorkTrends Podcast and Twitter Chat (Wednesdays, 1-2 PM EST), where participants have the chance to interact directly with top HR leaders and practitioners on topics like Smooth, Efficient Recruiting for SMB, and Gravitas. Do you have it? Her many accolades include Top 100 Business, Leadership and Tech Twitter Accounts You Must Follow by Huffington Post.

3.  Laszlo Bock: LinkedIn & Twitter
A former refugee who fled Communist Romania and went on to become a top executive at Google, Bock has a story to tell, and it’s always worth listening.  As the former SVP of People, Bock helped Google achieve such awards as ‘Best Company to Work For’ more than 30 times, in addition to receiving 100+ awards as a top employer.  This spring, he co-founded humu, where the mission "is to make work better everywhere through science, machine learning, and a little bit of love." His initiatives have set the bar for organizations around the world, and his LinkedIn posts and tweets give followers direct insight into the mind and life of one the most innovative and dynamic HR thought leaders today – all in his own honest, down-to-earth voice.  

4.  Steve Boese: LinkedIn & Twitter
Boese is an award-winning HR blogger, speaker, master moderator and co-host of the weekly HR Happy Hour podcast, where he features and applauds the work of his peers and HR leaders from around the world. He is also the current co-chair of the HR Technology Conference and Technology Editor at LRP Publications. On Twitter, he  is both informative and entertaining - be it featuring the best HR articles and musings worth a quick read, opening a window into the tech conferences around the world, like HRTechChina, or offering his picks and predictions during March Madness.

5.  Kris Dunn: LinkedIn & Twitter
Kris Dunn is the CHRO at Kinetix, and beloved blogger behind HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent. He’s led HR for several Fortune 500 companies and startups, and in his own words, believes that “the key to great business results is to get great people, then do cool stuff to maximize their motivation, performance and effectiveness once you have them in the door.” A sought-after speaker, he’s active on both LinkedIn and Twitter sharing all the HR news – and views – of the moment, including his own, like the recent article: “The Key to Being a Successful HR Pro? Grit,” plus gives an insider's head’s-up to valuable online event opportunities. 

6.  Sharlyn Lauby: LinkedIn & Twitter
Lauby is the author of the top-rated blog, HR Bartender, and President of ITM Group Inc., an HR consulting firm that helps companies retain and engage employees. She writes with candid expertise about all areas HR, including organizational development and training, employee relations and job design, as well as HR compliance. Lauby has published dozens of articles on LinkedIn, including the recent “6 Principles of Self-Management Success: 3. Solve Problems,” and posts frequently on current HR news and stats. She’s actively engaged with practitioners and consultants alike on Twitter, in addition to offering her expertise to Tweet Chats, like the recent #KronosChat on “Engaging Employees Through Payroll.”

7.  Suzanne Lucas: LinkedIn & Twitter
You probably know her as the Evil HR Lady.  A former HR practitioner turned prolific freelance writer and speaker, Lucas, in her own words, gives “career advice with a little bit of snark” to organizations, HR professionals and employees.  Her expert articles (featured regularly on, blog posts, advice on CBS Radio, and contributions to many popular pubs and broadcasts, have enabled her to help thousands build better careers and be better managers. She features her own work and that of many respected peers through Twitter, and regularly comments and directly responds to her network on LinkedIn.

8.  Laura Putnam:
LinkedIn & Twitter
Energetic and passionate about creating a healthier workforce, Putnam has been facilitating the wellness conversation - and championing the movement for years.  CEO of Motion Infusion, a sought-after speaker, and author of “Workplace Wellness that Works,” she is helping organizations around the world develop creative solutions to better engage employees, change their behavior for the healthier, and build happier, more innovative workplaces as a result.  Her recent LinkedIn articles include “Let’s Talk About Physician Burn-Out,” and she regularly shares actionable tips and insights on Twitter from her adventures getting employees in tune with their health and wellbeing, and more happily engaged in both work and life.

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9.  Laurie Ruettimann: LinkedIn & Twitter
Founder and CEO of GlitchPath, Ruettimann’s LinkedIn and Twitter followers get to experience the daily trials, tribulations and illuminations that come with helping companies, teams and individuals better face and embrace their failures.  Ruettimann spent 14 years as an HR practitioner before becoming a sought-after consultant, speaker and writer. Whether she’s hosting a FacebookLive event for CornerStone OnDemand about new learning technologies, sharing insights from a peer, or tweeting about her latest blog article on “Practical Ways to Receive Feedback,” Ruettimann offers fresh, informative and fun perspectives on all things HR.

10.  Pat Wadors:
LinkedIn & Twitter
A self-described introvert loving life and her work, Wadors, Senior Vice President, Global Talent Organization at LinkedIn, is forward-thinking, practical, kind and insightful.  She recently helped manage the successful transition of LinkedIn’s acquisition by
Microsoft and regularly shares her thoughtful, key learnings about the experience on both LinkedIn (like this article, “You Have to Listen to Your Employees.”) and Twitter.  She consistently works to promote diversity and inclusion, “keeping the magic that is LinkedIn’s culture,” employee engagement, and finding and keeping the tools and processes that help make great employee experiences.

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