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Why One Company is Paying Employees $20,000 to Get Married

Patrick Ball on May 31, 2016 11:24 AM

As anyone who’s ever planned a wedding can attest, the experience can be seriously stressful. For many brides and grooms, a major source of that stress comes down to finances.  

And that’s why the latest story of a company’s generous work perks to hit the interwebs is one that’ll make you feel all the feels.

Boxed Wholesale, the New York-based online bulk delivery company, recently announced it would pay for its employees’ weddings – offering up to $20,000 per worker – in a video that’s been making the rounds since last week.  

You can check out the poignant clip, in which Boxed CEO Chieh Huang explains the motivation behind the unusual move, below.

The move by Boxed to foot the bill for employees’ nuptials comes at a time when organizations are increasingly looking to over-the-top perks and family-friendly benefits to help attract and retain top talent. In recent years, we’ve seen companies roll out benefits that run the gamut from unlimited parental leave and egg freezing to sabbaticals and ball pits.

This isn’t the first generous perk Huang has rolled out at Boxed. Last year, the company announced they’d fully fund college tuition for the children of Boxed employees.

In interviews, Huang has described Boxed’s unusual perks as investments in organizational culture. The return on these investments, apparently, is realized in loyalty and retention. Boxed reportedly has only lost five full-time employees in the last three years.

Huang made Boxed’s latest announcement after learning about an employee who’d been picking up extra shifts to hurry and pay for his wedding, which he badly wanted his mother to attend.

“He’s worked seven days a week, double shifts, trying to pay for a wedding that he wants his mom to attend even though she’s not doing so well,” said Huang. “No one that works at this company should feel pain like that.”

Yep. File this one under work perks anyone would love to have.

(h/t Brit+Co)


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